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The Holy Land in Your Hands

Frequently Asked Questions

Bethlehem Handicrafts is a Christian organization which supports the families in Bethlehem, Holy Land who carve unique crafts from olive wood. Olive wood handicrafts such as crosses, nativity sets, angels, crucifixes, ornaments, figures of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, rosaries, bible and more. These olive wood products make great idea for holiday gifts as well as memorable souvenirs. Tourism is an only outside source of income to the town of Bethlehem which has dramatically dropped from the current situation that Bethlehem area faced after the year of 2000. focuses on presenting these olive wood crafts - hand carved by families indigenous to holy land - to a vast market as possible in order to advance the socioeconomic development within the Christian community in the Holy Land. We humbly thank you for all your support. Also, Bethlehem Handicrafts is the trade name for the Bannoura family olive wood business. The international retail center for Bethlehem Handicrafts is based in the United States, with our factory in Bethlehem in the Holy Land. We do not have a factory in the United States. 

All olive wood products are guaranteed to be produced in Bethlehem the Holy Land with genuine Holy Land olive wood. 

Olive wood is by nature a grainy, multi-colored wood. Part of the attraction of olive wood is the unique texture and visual appearance of the wood itself. Furthermore, all items are handcrafted. Therefore, no two items are exactly alike, and therefore, absolute copies and duplicates of catalog images are impossible.

• Our Mission:

To Invest and support in our community while emerging as an internationally recognized company that people will admire and recommend.

• Our Vision:

Like the roots of the olive tree, we will remain strong and like its branches, our company will expand and grow throughout the world.

Bethlehem Handicrafts imports authentic olive wood products produced by Christian communities of Bethlehem that has been following the ancient tradition of wood carving passed by many generations so we ensure top quality olive wood handicrafts for our customers. As far as shipping, we make an effort to ship within two business days once you place an order. Most importantly, we offer all our customers with free shipping. We remind our customers to include the tracking number to ensure fast and accurate delivery thus providing you complete satisfactory. Note that we are a small organization which means our first rule is that we guarantee you have remarkable experience throughout the purchasing process. Our goal is to have you as a returning customer and customers from your referrals. This is the reason we provide you with the best customer service and memorable shopping experience.

No, our Crafts is not oiled yet they are polished lacquered which is mixed with a special chemical to keep our olive wood products intact during the shipping and handling. Our olive wood is dried up for at least one year before it is used for carving. We would like to remind you to keep them away from direct sun light.

Bethlehem Handicrafts is the name that will show up in your statement when you purchase from our company.

Bethlehem Handicrafts import only the best quality olive wood products from Christian community of Holy Land that has been following the ancient tradition of hand carving olive wood for many years. provides a FREE USPS ground shipping on all orders to all our customers through the Holydays.

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