Bethlehem Handicrafts

Do you want to become a retailer of our products? Create an account request through the application on our website! We will quickly process your request, then send you a log in account and password, giving you access to our wholesale prices that are exclusively available for our partners. 
We are also able to take wholesale orders from our existing inventory. Get in contact with us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss rates, shipping and any particulars of your order or if you have any other questions. We ship via Colorado or Bethlehem in North America and via Bethlehem only for Europe and Asia.

Featuring quality hand-crafted olive wood products made in the foothills of Bethlehem by Christian artists, Bethlehem Handicrafts features the following:
• Nearly 1,000 olive wood items in over 30 categories of products, including Olive wood Nativity crèche sets, Olive wood crucifixes, Olive wood rosaries, Olive wood statuettes, Olive wood Christmas ornaments, Olive wood liturgical items, home décor, Olive wood kitchen utensils and much more.
• Specialty custom designs and personal engravings for your church, office, scout troop and special occasions, including weddings, baptisms, retreats and retirements.
• Bulk orders of any quantity at affordable, competitive prices.
• Timely processing and shipping of orders, packaged with the best of care.
• All of our products guaranteed to be produced in the Holy Land by Christian artisans, with genuine olive wood.
Bethlehem Handicrafts offers the Christian faithful of North America the opportunity to bring a piece of the Holy Land into their lives with a one-of-a-kind item that will be kept and treasured by your customers for years to come.

Bethlehem Handicrafts in its sole discretion reserves the right to refuse wholesale pricing to anyone we feel does not meet our values and standards.

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